Make Your Arm an ASSET not a LIABILITY!

Evan (WinCE)

Since 2004, our long toss program has helped players gain an average of 4.2 MPH per off-season. The program consists of a Pre-Long Toss Screen which identifies and provides correctives for potential injury risk factors, a 90-minute orientation with an instructor and an off-season throwing schedule at Pro Prospects. Our players have experienced velocity gains with as few as 12 sessions but we recommend 24 sessions per off-season for maximum benefit.





Your Starter Pack Includes:

  • A Pre-Long Toss Screen with Corrective Exercises
  • Your Long Toss Orientation
  • Your first  4 Throwing Sessions

Pre-Long Toss Medical Screen by a Certified Athletic Trainer includes:

  • Health History (age, height, weight, BMI, hand dominance)
  • Athletic History (multiple sports, years of experience, game per calendar year, training history)
  • Injury History (surgery, rehabilitation, time lost)
  • Functional Movement Screen®
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment® (if needed)
  • Y-Balance Test®
  • Goniometry Range of Motion Assessments

The long tossing program at Pro Prospects is nothing short of amazing. In just a few month I increased my velocity from around 78 to 84 mph and my arm strength and stamina also dramatically improved. I am now able to pitch deeper into games, pitch in more games and also play outfield without arm pain or fatigue. I was unable to do these things before my long-tossing routine. Long tossing helped me to have my best year on the mound. The program is exceptional and I would recommend it to any ballplayer, especially pitchers, that would like to improve velocity, strength, stamina or rehab tired or hurt arms.

Matt Berger Pitcher/Outfield, Mount Saint Mary College